“Coaching is like a magic mirror, reflecting what you are thinking,
feeling and saying about everything in life.
By working together, you’ll understand your own mirror and
break all the boundaries to become limitless” [Sultan Alsasi]

A coach is someone that connects with you where you are now on your journey and is there to support you and keeps you accountable for whatever you want to become or create.

Coaching is a very valuable process for:
• Designing your vision
• Defining your personal goals
• Making meaningful changes that reduce stress and simplify your life
• Making changes that can increase your vitality and health

Formal coaching is where we meet on a one-on-one basis for certain number of sessions. It can be scheduled for once a week, every alternative week or once a month.

The following programs can give you an idea of what a typical coaching program looks like. Alternatively, we can design a customized program to satisfy your needs. Other modalities can be included in a program like Emotional Freedom technique (EFT or tapping) and a Craniosacral Therapy session

1) Coaching for the new mother after birth

A new mother is usually so overwhelmed with all the information that it can lead to a lack of self-confidence that can easily undermine her ability to trust her own inner wisdom. Although Coaching is the ideal tool that can help her to discover and trust her own inner wisdom, she is usually not ready in those first few weeks for formal coaching.

Along with support, help and advice with breastfeeding and other feeding challenges, I teach new mothers how to become aware of their babies’ needs, what to do with a crying baby and the general care of the baby. I gently coach the new mother in learning to trust herself and her instincts and gain more confidence in her new role of being mother.

2) Postnatal mother and baby classes

This is another option for the new mother to discover herself and get to know her baby.

Over 9 weeks you join a group of mothers with their babies and together we learn about all the challenges of being a new mom, even if it is your second baby it stays a new challenge. We discuss a different topic every week and for some topics a specialist in their field will come and share their expertise and latest research. It is a great way to get out and meet other moms while learning and trusting yourself.

3) Mother’s wellbeing program

For many new mothers, after months of eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new baby the expected feelings of unconditional love, joy and excitement don’t automatically occur. Instead the new mom feels overwhelmed, confused, restless, sad, hopeless and unable to cope with the demands of looking after her baby. It is quite normal for any mother, but if these feelings persist the mother needs some coping skills and a little time to adapt to her new role.

This one-on-one program is ideal for a new mother who is:
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Lacking in self-confidence
• Feeling inadequate and unproductive
• Not enjoying her baby
• Feeling frightened
• Tearful
• Depressed or on anti-depressants
• Lacking in energy
• In a relationship that is suffering from the adjustment of her new role
Together, over a few weeks, we’ll address your emotions, expectations, responsibilities, commitments and create a vision for you and your family and help you to connect or reconnect with your baby. We’ll address the areas where you are feeling stuck and all your concerns and assist with goal-setting.

4) The decision making program

The decision making program is perfect for the mother who has regained her self-confidence and is creative and productive in her new role, but is facing new challenges and choices that can include:

• Whether to stay at home or to return to work
• Career choices
• Balancing family and work commitments
• Effective time management
• Relationship issues with close or extended family
• Differences in parenting styles

Together, we’ll address your options according to your needs.

5) Parent Coaching Program

This is a tailor-made coaching program, specially designed for you and your needs. We will provide ideas, insights and support on how to parent your baby, toddler, teenager or your child with special needs. Remove the stress, anxiety and conflict and enjoy raising your child.

I will introduce you to conscious connecting parenting where the emphasis is on connecting with your baby, toddler and child instead of a behavior change program.

6) Facing an empty nest

Are your children growing up and becoming more independent? Perhaps your children are about to leave home and embark on an exciting new chapter in their lives. As parents, we want the best for our children, and have done our utmost to prepare them for life. We’ve taught them, nurtured them, loved them and indeed, invested a great deal of our time in raising them. We know that they will grow up and leave home, but somehow it always feels like it has happened suddenly.
Life has changed. What now?

You need to evaluate where you are, what YOU want and start planning for your future. Major changes that can affect your life stage include:

• Your children are growing up and become more independent
• Your children are leaving the house
• You have lost a loved one
• Divorce
• Menopause
• Mid -career crisis
• Infertility

This program can assist you in evaluating where you are physically and emotionally. You will discover your potential and the possibilities open to you, identify areas in which you feel stuck and how to overcome these and to design a future that resonates with your needs.