Nursing Newborn


Your breastfeeding journey might not always start off so natural and easy and can be very challenging. You might experience a lot of difficulties and just want to give up.

That is where a Lactation consultant can help and support you on your journey.


Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle, non-invasive hands on therapy. Fully clothed and with a very light touch, the therapist will in stillness listen to the deep rhythms and motions in the craniosacral system  and facilitates the restoration of balance in the body.

Our bodies have an original blueprint of health and craniosacral therapy helps the body to return to its original health.

It can be extremely helpful and a supportive therapy in illnesses, trauma, emotional and

chronic conditions

Mother Holding Baby Finger
Wellness Coach


Consciousness coaching is to discover your own inner wisdom and potential to create the life you want. With every session an awareness exercise will be given and practiced. Change can only happened when we become conscious

Everyone can benefit from being listened to. Sometimes we can listen to our own responses to a coach’s questions and most of the time it will be transformational.

We sometimes need to make decisions, plan, and set goals and need a coach to brainstorm ideas and to hold us accountable.