Lactation services

Contact an International Board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) for specialized help with breastfeeding.

Although breastfeeding is seen as a natural way to feed your baby it does not always happen so naturally and breastfeeding can be very exhausting, frustrating and challenging. It doesn’t mean that you can’t breastfeed but that you need some assistance to get it right.

Problems associated with breastfeeding that are usually seen in the lactation practice:

• Latching issues
• Sucking problems
• Sore and cracked nipples
• Too little milk
• Oversupply of milk
• Tongue ties
• Engorgement
• Mastitis
• Blocked ducts
• Coaching and achieving your breastfeeding goals



Consultations are done at my office and home visits are limited and must be booked well in advance.

The first consultation is one and a half hour and follow up consultations are one hour in duration.

Bring your baby with and preferable hungry enough to assess the feeding. Also bring your pump and all equipment and the milk you normally use to feed your baby.


Breastfeeding preparation classes

A class on breastfeeding can be very helpful to prepare you well on what to expect and how to get breastfeeding started off well. It will also teach you what to expect from your baby and their normal behavior in the first few days and weeks.
Breastfeeding preparation classes can be done separately or can form part of the Antenatal class.



Breastpumps sales and hire
• Medela breastpumps can be hired
• Medela breastpumps are on sale or can be ordered

• Connections and fittings for all Medela pumps are on sale or can be ordered
• Spectra collection bags are on sale
• X gel products are on sale
• Kneepal products are on sale